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January 23, 2013 6:00 pm

Healing The Sick: The God Who Made Himself Powerless & The Father Who Comforts A Rape Victim


In the past two years, I have noticed that a lot of my brothers and sisters in the Church, especially some of my Catholic brothers and sisters (definitely not all, but a large part), take issue when I firmly say that God is not allowing suffering - be it sickness, death, demonization, or acts of violence.

I completely admit that part of that has to do with the fact that my writing has been sometimes filled with a lot of anger and frustration towards this view and often times, frustration with the people who espoused this view because of how much I have seen this idea destroy the lives of people I love.
This was the wrong way to go about it, since the way that I came to this conclusion in the first place was a journey and I can’t expect people to see things the way I’m seeing them if I’m not walking them through it.

Also, to be fair to people who come from a Catholic background (as I have), there is often a large difference between what the Catholic Church teaches and what large majorities of Catholics have come to believe. A lot of what some Catholics will say is an orthodox Catholic belief is actually just a widespread doctrine or mindset that the Church itself may in fact be silent on. Just wanted to throw that out there for my non-Catholic brothers and sisters.

Anyways, I figured it might be beneficial if I spent some time really explaining why I believe God does not allow bad things to happen and clarified some things.

You can’t really call someone an enemy if you allow him or her to kill, steal, and destroy in the lives of your loved ones.

If you stand back and do nothing as a pedophile assaults your child, you are still responsible for the occurrence of the crime.

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Take a morning or evening to read this whole thing. It’s honestly one of the most astounding, heart-wrenching, truth-revealing post my eyes have been blessed to read. 

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Religious Halloween Decor of the Day: Perfection.


Religious Halloween Decor of the Day: Perfection.


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"Christianity should feel like “My chains fell off” not “I better not screw up.”“"

- Justin Buzzard


David Jee [Eternity Bible College]

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